About Us

We strive to provide excellent services on designing solutions for our customers with state-of-the-art predictive analytics platforms using our finest machine learning algorithms in the cloud infrastructures.

Machine Learning Solutions
in the Cloud

Synapse Innovation Sdn. Bhd. (1311568-X) is a Malaysian-based startup company that focuses on the developing predictive analytics platforms based on our machine learning algorithms, in the cloud environments. Our aim is to become a leading company that offer artificial intelligence solutions in the nation. Our solutions have been successfully deployed in the domains of manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare.

Our Services

Our company offers machine learning solutions services for predictive analytics platforms operated in cloud environments.


We provide machine learning solutions for predictive analytics based on data collected from manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare industries


We offer cloud-based environments for predictive analytics applications developed for the purposes of analyzing the collected data


We develop mobile applications for representing the information produced by the predictive analytics platforms

Our Products

Our products are based on the technologies that we have developed using our patented machine learning algorithms within the cloud environment, accessible through web and mobile platforms


Failure prediction analytics with real-time data monitoring via mobile apps


Integrated data analytics with image processing capabilities in drone and robotic technologies


Personalized medication platforms based on public health databases and wearable technologies


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No. 7A, Jalan Pendidikan 8, Taman Universiti, 81300 Johor Bahru



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